Monday, 7 December 2009

Everything's Golden

Some albums sound particularly perfect as the frostbitten glaze of winter descends to make our breath visible and our bodies involuntarily shudder. Shearwater's Rook is one such body of music.

MP3: Shearwater - Castaways
Taken from the new album The Golden Archipelago

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Only released a little over a year ago, the follow up is hot on its heels and is set to be unveiled in mid-February next year. The lead off track, Castaways, has happily surfaced well in advance of that though and arrives just in time to soundtrack the advancing winter that has so assaulted these parts this week.

A few spins in, the new song actually feels a bit warmer than the material found on Rook. The singing still holds onto that fragile yet endearing quality, but everything else feels a little more confident and delivers a stirring finale. Although the band did hit that same stride with one song on the last album - Century Eyes - it's intriguing to hear it straight off on the lead track here and one wonders if this is the direction they'll maintain for the new one as a whole.

With new Spoon and Yeasayer also slated for early releases, next year is already shaping up to be a bit special. Gotta love this season with the combination of summing up one year and hotly anticipating the next, says I.

Shearwater - The Golden Archipelago from KMS on Vimeo.

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