Sunday, 13 December 2009

DC or Bust

Something of the early/mid-90's has lingered in the air this week. From Jawbox's triumphant, if brief, return to live action on Jimmy Fallon, the ever-emerging reviews of Pixies' Doolittle shows, to my own personal listenings spanning those bands and recapping the new Dinosaur Jr.

Oh, and plaid is back with a vengeance on those Gap adverts.....Cobain would be beaming.

More importantly, I was able to catch up with some tracks from the Broken Places EP, released a few months ago by DC's Last Tide. Melding together the non-too-distant styles of post-hardcore and shoegaze, the band recall outstanding groups of the time, with Slowdive, Hüsker Dü and the aforementioned Dinosaur Jr. all informing the sound in some manner.  

A Traitor In My Mind in particular has that classic sound, with languorous vocals and the guitar distortion just so. Shapeshifter errs more on the side of the footwear stare, building slowly and switching to the more dreamlike qualities of Libby Dorot's singing. It's all rather promising and provides a tantalising glimpse of what is hoped will be a full album of such material in the near future.

MP3: Last Tide - A Traitor In My Mind
MP3: Last Tide - Shapeshifter
Taken from the recently released EP The Broken Places - BUY

I always get a wistful look when casting an eye back over the previous decade - making the most of that this month, while it's still valid - and particularly the raw, underproduced alt-rock it spawned. The fuzzed-out guitar sprawls and the heady mix of so many different preceding genres provided, along with the metal of the time, my formative musical experiences. There may well be some amazing music being released this year, yet the struggle of bands coming up at the time of Jawbox was another chapter entirely, fighting to find anyone within earshot willing to listen, including the now almost redundant major A&R types.

All of which makes it heartening to see that the band still has a special place in the minds of fans today. Their appearance on Fallon accompanies the re-release of seminal album For Your Own Special Sweetheart (available here) and gave influential frontman/producer J. Robbins an opportunity to spotlight the cause for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, something which unfortunately afflicts his own son Callum. For someone that has given so much to music over the years, it's a pleasure to see that fans are happy to give back and assist the fella as his family battles the illness. Hopefully this appearance only aids that effort and  I'd encourage anyone that is able to make a donation here.

In addition to the televised performance of Savory shown above, the band performed a mini-set to the audience comprised of FF=66, Desert Sea, and 68. Rather than speculate as to how great the experience would have been, I shall direct you to the comprehensive review provided by Frankenstein Sound System, who were actually in attendance and write a great recap.

Whether or not anything more will come from this brief reunion is uncertain at best, but a fleeting glance back at those times is better than no glance at all.

"Spliced in,
second-hand words and screen for skin.
Forcing out sounds,
facing outside again."

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Pop Librarian said...

Lovin the Jawbox...thanks for the tip. "Savory" was a mind blowing track. Hey, Pop Librarian needs someone like you to cover and recover the fuzzy alt-rock (and it's modern day spawn.) If you're interested in being a part of my machine (so I can hopefully send some readers over,) lemme know on the site or on twitter. Peace!