Monday, 14 December 2009

Competition: Larger Than Life... In 3D: DMB / Ben Harper / Gogol Bordello

Concerts made into movies are generally reserved for niche DVD releases, unless they're something pretty huge and special. Metallica's documentary Some Kind of Monster successfully made it onto the big screen a few years back but otherwise these have been few and far between.

Larger Than Life... In 3D - featuring live footage from Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper & the Relentless 7, and H-T-A faves Gogol Bordello - was released on Friday for a 1 week run and is looking to remedy that with its innovative use of 3D HD shooting technology. No, I can't explain that, but the trailers look ultra sharp so run with me here.

To celebrate the launch, H~T~A has an assortment of goodies to give away, including t-shirts, posters, 3D lanyards, and possibly even an entry or two to a showing near you.....if you've been very good?

If so, simply answer this extremely facile question for a shot at the goods:  

What is the name of the most recent album released by Dave Matthews Band?  

Send your answer + name here and winners will be contacted before the week is out. Good luck!

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