Saturday, 14 November 2009

Under the Radar: I Am The Dot

In a world of overblown press releases and artists claiming to be "tired of the current musical trends" and going their own unique direction - of whom 90% always seem to be rehashing '90's alt-rock - it's refreshing to receive a simple e-mail with a link to music and a polite request to take a listen.

Hence the lending of ears over the last week or so to I Am The Dot, the new musical outing of Zach Tipton from Denver's Young Coyotes.

Sparse yet engaging melodies are the building blocks of this debut 4 track EP, with minimalist indie-pop nuggets sticking almost exactly to the 3-minute mark. If either The Notwist or The Whitest Boy Alive were stripped down to their bare essentials, they might come out sounding something like I Am The Dot. The beauty is in this apparent simplicity, though, as the lack of clutter allows the skillfully layered vocal harmonies to take centre stage, lusciously  backed by some subtle beats here (Middle of April) and a lick of acoustic guitar there (Oranges).

MP3: I Am The Dot - Middle of April

Taken from the new self-titled EP, out now - BUY

The cut selected here jumps out thanks to its lilting verses, interspersed with Oriental-esque samples and the aforementioned harmonies just floating over everything, lending an almost meditative quality to the track. The other songs follow in this vein with subtle variations, culminating in a short but eminently satisfying overall listen.

I find myself spinning this one alongside Dinosaur Feathers quite regularly just now, possibly due to commonality of soothing singing over precise yet pleasing laptop beats. Whatever it is, if someone could see fit to arranging a bill with these two back-to-back then that would be just dandy. In the meantime, those of you further West can check out the various live shows lining up for early 2010 right here. Grand Junction, eh? Yeeeee and, indeed, haw.

So there we have it. Good music created by an independent musician, in a home made studio far from the music industry hubs and spread by humble word of (digital) mouth. Not sure about anyone else but it certainly elicits cause for hope at this particular keyboard. 

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