Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Thrill of the Chase

Earlier this year, The pAper chAse released the first installment of a two-part concept album in the form of 'Someday This Could All Be Yours'. Since their darkly exquisite 2002 disc 'Hide The Kitchen Knives', I've had an awareness of their activity though strangely not one that pulled me into their intervening albums. Having seen them perform a spectacularly off-kilter, unsettling late night set at ATP 2008, however, my interest was rekindled and this new work is a perfect reason to play catch up.

Always a difficult sound to pin down, the Dallas-based group continues to explore the darker side of the psyche and humanity on their new album. Following a different natural disaster on each song, the lead track posted here is a jittery, often frenzied affair, with noisy assaults erupting from the misleading calm of the quieter passages.  It recalls their earlier material in its style, if not so much in delivery. This is for the better, though, as the production has clearly advanced and lends even more to the blanketed malevolence of the instruments, particularly the underlying electronics and the schizophrenic percussion of new drummer Jason Garner.

MP3: The pAper chAse -  

Taken from the new album 'Someday This Could All Be Yours', out now

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The closest description I can conjure for The pAper chAse is  an apocalyptic take on the ramshackle indie-rock of Mclusky, blended with the visceral imagery soundtracked by Murder By Death, although even this fails to address some of the more unique subtleties of the songs.

Probably best to explore the disturbed recesses of their sonic world - cuts from previous releases can be found here - and work on your own take. Just don't expect to get much restful sleep after doing so.

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