Friday, 20 November 2009

Those Summer Nights

Being a Brit I know a thing or two about arriving late. With the train system back home being reliably unreliable, it's rarely easy to show up at the most appropriate time. Quite what Floridian Mike Diaz's excuse is for the timing of his bright and beachy new musical output, however, is open to debate.

Released last month under his alias MillionYoung and appropriately entitled Sunndreamm, this new EP radiates a warmth ill at ease with the descending temperatures of the current season. Instead the music - not misleadingly tagged ambient surf - should soundtrack lazy days passed in sun-kissed coastal regions at the height of summer. 

MP3: MillionYoung
- Sunndreamm 

MP3: MillionYoung  
- Youthless

From tranquil opener Chlorophyl, replete with echoing vocals and worldly percussion, to the relaxed acoustic strumming, tropical melodies, and almost reggae-tinged singing of final track Youthless, it's a fond memory of a holiday I neglected to take this year.

Although I picked up the new Phoenix disc in good time for the sunny months, Sunndream would certainly have supported the more cheery cuts of Wolgang Amadeus Phoenix on those languid, lilting lists of play. As it stands, it would be churlish to overlook quite how relaxing this pleasurable listen is, regardless of weather patterns. All the better that the EP is available in its entirety for free over this way, then.

MillionYoung plays Don Pedro's in Brooklyn 
this Sunday 22nd November, 8pm.

Now playing:
Beach House - Norway
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