Saturday, 28 November 2009

Post-Thanksgiving Party Time

It's always good to get away. Time spent either relaxing or simply passed outside the usual routine is time well spent......for a wee bit, that is. Spend too long and it might just suck the momentum from one's prior efforts at said routine.

All of which is the motivation for getting back on the wagon here after a couple of days gorging on turkey and confectionaries rather than music. And what more motivating soundtrack to reboot the system than some new mixes from rising purveyors of upbeat electronica Pretty Girls & Lasers? (The answer, for those unfamiliar with the rhetorical device, is that there isn't one).

MP3: Pretty Girls & Lasers - Late November Mix (Track 1)

Straying well and truly into the dance club DJ territory, this New York-based duo have a distinct penchant for the indie-electronica phenomenon that picks up the more hip-oriented Brooklynites, when the downbeat lo-fi stuff has taken its toll and the weekend rolls around. Hitting such reference points as Cut Copy, Daft Punk, and MSTRKRFT in their various mixes ensures an H-T-A friendly element,. 

It follows, then, that their new mix finds the pair bridging the musical gap between indie chic and danceable beats as effectively as the Manhattan Bridge links the north Brooklyn haven of the former to the clubs of the Lower East Side.  

Tying this all together perfectly, the next of the monthly parties held by the PG&L DJ's goes down this week on Wednesday 2nd December at Arlo & Esme. Just in time to really get back into the rhythm of the city and dance away all that excess poultry you inhaled. Full details and RSVP info can be found here

There will undoubtedly be more to come around these parts on both the crossover appeal to the increasing number of DJ-based acts incorporating indie-electronica (and vice versa) into their trade, as well as the continuing efforts  of Pretty Girls & Lasers. For the moment, though, the best possible cure for post-break malaise is to  follow the advice of my countrymen Arctic Monkeys: and "get on yer dancin' shoes, ye sexy little swine".

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