Thursday, 12 November 2009

Noise Pollution

New York has had an affinity for sonic dissonance for many years now. Pioneered most notably by Sonic Youth from the early '80's to the present day, the city has provided fertile soil for such current noise merchants as A Place to Bury Strangers and Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Well, a couple more groups that successfully walk the narrow tightrope above a chasm of inaccessible noise over to the promised land of melodic redemption have come to my attention in recent weeks.

First up we have Kite Operations, whose track 'Dasepo' has been luring me in over the last month or so. A short, caustic blast of loose riffing, feedback, and frantic vocals, the song thoroughly assaults the senses whilst clinging doggedly to an underlying melody. As heavily buried as it may be it lies beneath, effectively informing the chaos above.

MP3: Kite Operations - Dasepo
Taken from new album 'Festival', out now - BUY  

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The band's third album, 'Festival', looks set to be a belter and deserving of more attention. Purveyors of this style often provide a powerful live show as well, something which will hopefully be demonstrated at their release party for the album in Brooklyn on Nov 21st. Full details of that here.

The next band, Brooklyn trio Grooms, attracted my attention in the reverse manner, with an immersive live performance at the recent CMJ Music Marathon requiring further listening of their recorded material. Much attention was lauded upon them that week and, although such hype elicits a certain amount of skepticism, their impassioned playing at Brooklyn Bowl coupled with the more hook-laden, pop leaning songs proved them the genuine article.


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As with Kite Operations, Grooms' new album hit recently. 'Rejoicer' is out now and by all reports keeps the quality shown on 'Dreamsucker' rolling for the duration of the album. Expect more soon and keep an eye on the tour dates here, as the band is pushing through a number of US cities before the year is out.

"I wanted to know the exact dimension of hell
Does this sound simple?"

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