Sunday, 22 November 2009

Natural Fibres

Firmly ensconced in a web of Brooklyn indie-rock credibility, rising city duo Acrylics have received plenty of attention on the basis of their connections over the last couple of months. Happily, the music itself more than backs up the hyperbole machine gathering momentum behind them.  

The debut EP All of the Fire covers a satisfyingly diverse amount of musical territory, hitting mellow, dream-like indie on Avenue I and the title track, then kicking things up a notch on the more straightforward rocker Honest Aims. A reflective nonchalance connects all the dots across the 5 songs presented here, keeping the flow natural throughout the varying styles.

MP3: Acrylics - All of the Fire
Taken from the EP of the same name, out now

Buy it at Insound!

This bodes well for a bright future and some exciting new material on releases expected in 2010. Whatever synthetic strands gather around the band in the intervening period, it's heartening to hear that Acrylics have the organic sound required to make that vital human connection.


tra0013 said...

definitely sounds like they were influenced by fleetwood mac as evident in the singing and guitar at the beginning

zidered said...

Hadn't put my finger on that but hearing it in places now. Certainly has that subtle, layered guitar sound that Mac had down. Cheers!