Sunday, 15 November 2009

LIVE REVIEW: The Gay Blades & Millions of Brazilians @ Southpaw (Brooklyn)

In the morass of live activity towards the end of last month, the concert that kicked it all off for me that week was criminally buried for a while. Rising zombie-like from its freshly patted down grave, then, is a barnstorming show from two highly charged rock bands hitting gentrified Brooklyn for six.......

A  three band bill with comedy-rockers Electric Six at its peak, my chief reason for attending was to catch locals The Gay Blades deliver their swaggering best in a venue fuelled by $1 Colt-45's. Which for us Brits translates as the cheapest stubbies from your local Asda.  Before that, however, another ball of energy rock act has a set to play in the form of Detroit trio Millions of Brazilians (left).
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Playing a skittering brand of fuzzed-out but mostly upbeat rock, they touch on influences from their native city without ever feeling derivative. Entertaining a handful of early arrivals, the band certainly sets the tone for the night to come. Garnering quietly impressed applause until the culmination of their energy pulls lead singer Nicky Cicchetti into the crowd, remnants of drum kit in tow, and leaves him pounding frantically away on the bar as we look on part amused, part bemused. Still, it's good to visit with new found fans right?

The Gay Blades also have a well-established reputation for entertaining live, not only for their cocksure 'trash pop' tunes that get firmly internalised within seconds, but also for the onstage banter of singer Clark Westfield. True to form, he's no less on it tonight, saluting the aforementioned drink of the poor and calling out anyone using Sunday night as an excuse for lacking energy, as apparently everyone in this area is a web designer or 'stay at home Dad' and won't be up before noon. Sounds like a plan to me. 
Focusing on the music, there's plenty in the songs to keep proceedings upbeat and rolling along regardless of what's being said between them. Singalong indie-pop/rock cuts like 'N.H.D.N' and 'Hey She Say' deliver the catchy pop sensibilities that will occassionally be suspisciously viewed in this borough - particularly its Northern region - yet the Blades rip through them with such a ballsy attitude that only the most uptight would fail to get just a little down. In addition, consistent highlight 'O Shot' proves again what a cracking slice of  short, strutting garage rock it is, only invigorated by the live setting.

Oh Shot by The Gay Blades from CTOAN films on Vimeo.
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Not the biggest E6 convert by any means, this marked the end of my evening - after one more Colt, of course - with the two openers having transferred a satifying dose of their kinetic rock energy into my synapses. And, being neither a web developer nor a slack father, it is a Sunday night after all, you know?

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