Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Get In There My Son(s)

Occasionally a band (or a song) just snap your attention to them immediately. Circumstances align with the right moment for a sound or tune to soundtrack them to just the right degree. So strode Mumford & Sons into my awareness earlier this week.

Between their seasonal, twisting 'Winter Winds' and the subtly intense ode to self-perception that is 'Little Lion Man', I was quickly drawn into the sound. The band offer a distinct take on the currently du jour acoustic-indie, throwing in elements of bluegrass, traditional Irish folk, and a touch of the rock, then binding them all together with their musicianship as the glue.

Having released a string of well-received singles following their inception in late 2007, the London quartet appear to have continued the quality through to the debut full length Sigh No More, released this past month to many a positive comment. It promises to be fast growing and enduring listen and one which will most likely receive much more attention here in the coming weeks. Hopefully the vids and non-album MP3 are enough to keep you folks tied over until then.

MP3: Mumford & Sons - Sister (after e-mail registry)

Mum's the word no longer, it would appear.

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