Wednesday, 11 November 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Some recent notable metal releases elicit further positive spin-offs, in the form of their lead videos below. Let's take a butcher's hook, shall we?

Immediately familiar with Killswitch Engage's tight, galloping guitars and the ever powerful vocal of Mr Howard Jones, the video adds to the urgency of the song with a fast-paced cityscape racing around the slo-mo couple personifying the lyrical matters. It has a certain amount of cheesy schmaltz to it but is visually class, which is the main thing. The self-titled album from whence it came is out now and available here.

A Horse Called Golgotha

Baroness | MySpace Video

By far the trippiest of these selections, Baroness recruit the fella that shot their 2007 clip for 'Wanderlust', one Joshua Green, for this original Star Trek via Wizard of Oz oddity. The bald nutjob traversing various astral plains is subjected to a variety of effects - many seemingly intentionally dated - before his eventual transformation back to a regular looking Joe. Bizarre in the extreme and not entirely clear how it relates to the song, but it certainly catches the eye. The new Blue Record can be picked up over here.

Katatonia: Day And Then The Shade video

KATATONIA | MySpace Video

Most likely the lowest budget effort here, the tune fully trumps the visuals on show here. A relatively stereotypical metal vid, there's a gothic looking lass wandering around a wooded area with various unpleasantness afflicting her travels. The sparse, harsh landscapes are the most alluring, in fact, and could easily have lost the melodramatic thrashing of the vampiric chick. But maybe I missed the plot somewhere? Feel free to hip me to that in the comments. In the meantime I'll just keep digging the music that backs it. Which, incidentally, is taken from newie Night Is the New Day, available here.

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