Friday, 11 December 2009

Creature Feature

It hasn't been too long since H-T-A first covered Denver's I Am The Dot, yet a new 3-track EP has already found its way through the digital ether and the lush harmonies of Mr Tipton are again washing over the stereos of these parts. 

Clocking in at a little over 9 minutes, this is a succinct delivery of similarly gentle, harmonious indie-pop that is to be found on the self-titled EP. If anything, the songs feel even more stripped down, relying heavily on the ethereal vocals to carry their emotion. It's all rather pretty - again - and though my cap remains in the ring of the aforementioned earlier material, a song like the swirling Tunnel of Love certainly fights the case for Rare Creatures well.

The songs are available on MusicFloss for whatever you care to part with (low quality) or Bandcamp for a minimum measly dollar (high quality). I encourage the latter with as generous a donation as you can muster, since this will only fuel the creation of more beautiful music to while away these winter days. Tis the season and all that, after all.

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