Monday, 30 November 2009

Collective Conciousness

A few Animal Collective covers have been sneaking their way through the inbox recently, so why not shoot them out there for the world to judge?

Having not joined in the immense love fest for the band's Merriweather Post Pavilion release earlier this year - more a wish to avoid further blog clutter rather than any issue with the album, which I thoroughly enjoyed - it can only be a matter of weeks before it returns at the high end of many 2009 lists. Covers serve an interesting use in reflecting on the qualities of the original song and re-evaluating their value to the album as a whole. 

MP3: JL Stiles - No More Runnin' (Animal Collective Cover)

MP3: :Kinema: - My Girls (Animal Collective Cover)

MP3: Animal Collective - Brother Sport 
(Fetch's Tropical Preservation Edit)

MP3: Animal Collective - Peacebone
Taken from Strawberry Jam, out now

Buy it at Insound!

The stripped down JL Stiles version of No More Runnin' takes the song down an intricately plucked acoustic line to bizarre yet strangely satisfying results. I care less for the :Kinema: cover of My Girls, which feels somewhat lightweight, losing the depth of the excellent original track. Then of course there are any number of remixes floating around, of which this energetic Brother Sport is an interesting take.

Worthy homages or blights on a far superior original blueprint......what say you? 

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