Sunday, 8 November 2009

Change (In the House of Yeas)

In a healthily expanding approach to exchanging music for some useful fan info, Brooklyn psych-indie troupe Yeasayer have become the latest to embrace the e-mail for free tune concept. Their newie 'Ambling Alp' - available here - is pulled from the second album Odd Blood, due out in February next year.....actually next decade, but who's counting? Me.


Of chief interest here is that the band appears to have embarked on a much more upbeat, outward-looking journey with their sophomore effort, the song bouncing along in a not dissimilar fashion to recent Animal Collective. With its cartoon like quality and extrovert chorus, it contrasts quite starkly with the pensive, restrained material to be found on their engagingly introspective debut 'All Hour Cymbals'.

Yeasayer "Wait for the Summer" from Mixtape Club on Vimeo.

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Yeasayer - 2080
Taken from 'All Hour Cymbals', out now

As beautiful as that album was - and is, probing as it does into new corners of the mind on each subsequent listen - it's always a pleasure to hear a band unafraid to move in a new direction despite having already established a successful formula. And with 'Ambling Alp' retaining the more astral, psychedelic bent of their earlier material it seems likely that Yeasayer will keep a key part of the identity running through the releases.

All of which points to a bright start to the next ten years. Something which is all too disturbing, as I currently have little idea what will form my best of 2009 and, worse still, am toying with the prospect of a series spanning the best of this current decade we inhabit.

If only the clocks had gone back 1 month rather than just 1 hour...........

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