Monday, 16 November 2009

20 Years On

Plenty happened to the world in 1989 - there's your 20 years, mathematicians - from the celebratory fall of the Berlin Wall to the tragic massacre in Tiananmen Square and huge earthquake in San Francisco. With my vague recollection of the general time period as opposed to the specific events, it's always interesting to dig back and see how history remembers the details.

The world of music also received a critical shove in the right direction, even if it didn't completely recognise it at the time, with the release of the Pixies' sophomore effort 'Doolittle'. In hindsight, a seminal album that paved the way for countless key alt-rock acts including Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins to dominate throughout much of the 90's.

Skillfully produced through a focus on accessibility from scouser Gil Norton and the artistic tenacity of Black Francis, 'Doolittle' successfully blended the raw energy of the band's debut 'Surfer Rosa' with slower, reflective and surreal material covering various subject matters. The impact of the album is still felt today, from song structures to guitar tones, and is currently being celebrated on the US stint of a global tour

The band site also offers a freebie download EP, featuring live cuts from the album recorded at the Paris show. Well worth a listen, whether this is your first introduction to this influential band or your 4,678th spin of 'Monkey Gone to Heaven'. Now, I wonder how much eBay wants for a couple of those NYC shows that have been helpfully placed right around Thanksgiving......hmmmmm?

"Pray for a man in the middle
One that talks like Doolittle
I believe
In Mr. Grieves"

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