Monday, 12 October 2009

Twinned With Biffy

So okay, that title is somewhat misleading as the hook-laden sounds of Twin Atlantic aren't the exact match of their more renowned countrymen.........yet the soaring melodies, shimmering guitar sounds, and ever-so-slightly-nasally-Americanised vocals do afford them a striking similarity to the mighty Biffy Clyro.

That said, when the results are as memorable as anthemic cut 'What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?', one of the first I've heard from debut album 'Vivarium', it seems churlish to linger on comparisons that simply add to the band's allure. Bisecting more traditional alt-rock with the more chart-friendly melodies of Britpop, Twin Atlantic top off the tune with that contemporary je ne sais quoi familiar to many Scottish bands of the moment, creating a song that has both arena potential and intimate club setting energy.

MP3: Twin Atlantic - What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?
Taken from the album 'Vivarium', out now - iTunes UK / USA

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Already making ripples in the UK, the band will look to start the hype ball rolling stateside with a visit to NYC next week for CMJ. Say hello if you're at the Cake Shop on Sat Oct 24th at 10pm.....I'll be the one with the big Cheshire Cat grin on me mush during this particular ditty.

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