Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Tickled Pink

Having hit the UK posts hard these past few weeks, the written ramblings now belatedly follow the physical form with a return to NYC. Especially timely, given the number of area artists that are now lined up on my list to listen/muse/ramble. And I only have 7 gigs or so left on the old iPod........anyone else feel a wee bit claustrophobic??

Front and centre of the queue, then, stand
Electric Tickle Machine

Joyously catchy and with songs that just beg to be experienced live, this East Village mob sound deceptively straight forward on initial listens. Buried within the hooks and singalongs, however, lie critical comments on capitalism, the media, and all manner of modern social ills. Chiefly though this is music to which a crowd can pogo (Pretty sure that's not dead yet, right?).

Their song 'Part of Me' has been exactly that during the last month, emerging half-hummed as it has from my cranium every day. Elsewhere, 'Gimme Money' lacks the killer recall of that song but is no less worthy, as a slice of raw indie that flirts with garage rock and its rebellious undertone.

All of which bodes well for the self-released album Blew It Again, which can be obtained digitally right now or on sweet lovely vinyl at a show. Of which there are many. And as soon as I have a chance to see one, I promise you'll be the first to know.

MP3: Electric Tickle Machine - Part of Me
MP3: Electric Tickle Machine - Gimme Money
Both taken from the new album 'Blew It Again' - out now

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