Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Surf's Up

Right-o, majority of this technical bollocks appears to be resolved now.....famous last the CMJ reports can be completed this week and put to bed. For the moment, though, I thought I'd shine the spotlight on a band that perhaps didn't blindingly wow me live last week but have been spinning repeatedly - to the extent that things actually spin any more - on the iPod. That band is Floridian quintet Surfer Blood.

Their track Swim (To Reach the End) initially perked me up last week, what with its chunky guitar sound, distant vocals and simple but effective chorus. This prompted a visit to Piano's on day 3, with a general perception of a decent but not mind-blowing live band. The singing sounded a touch wayward and the sound less dominating, although perhaps the venue can take some of the heat for that one.

MP3: Surfer Blood - Swim (To Reach the End)
Taken from the forthcoming album 'Astro Coast' - out Jan 2010

Buy it at Insound!

Back on plastic - or hard drive, I suppose - however, the band has tremendous return value. The chorus rattles around the mind long after the song has ended, in a similar style that Weezer managed on almost every song of their early career. Indeed, the pop-laden rock of that band is clearly pushing on the edges of Surfer Blood's music, even if they have differing approaches to production. There is significant reverb and echo employed here, mixed with pop sensibilities that result in a deceptively straight forward track that is, in all fairness, quite varied across the 3 minutes playing time.


It's always pleasant to have a band fight their way back into your conciousness via naggingly good recorded material, whether they've been passed over on the basis of an actual performance, a duff track, or simply an irrational fear of hype (hello, The xx, I still intend to listen you properly). Surfer Blood have waged a successful campaign on my senses to that end, from which I now look forward to hearing the forthcoming full length Astro Coast. Nice work.

The band is touring nationally across the US for the remainder of the year, so if anyone has the opportunity to catch them and redress the balance, please do so. I'll be only too happy to munch on my own words.

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