Monday, 26 October 2009

Ghosts in the Machine

Perhaps not ghosts, more inferior Microsoft services. I abhorred their enforced service updates beforehand, but now the installations appear to have crippled my main laptop with no clever suggestions as to how to solve the shite they've engineered. And this relates to this beeeeecccaaause....? I had intended to post day 3 of CMJ and keep the roll going, but all the pictorial/audio content is on that machine. Balls.

Luckily, I have the good folks at Insound to back me up. I regularly tout their services round this way and one of the finer approaches they take is to offer up a slew of free MP3's for new releases. Often these suggestions are right at the forefront of the best new indie rock and beyond, so I make a point to regularly check back with what they have going on. So, why not share the most choice of the recent offerings, you cry? My thoughts exactly:

MP3: The Big Pink - Dominoes
Taken from the new album 'A Brief History of Love' - BUY

> A pulsating, swaggering offering from the first few seconds, the London band makes an indelible mark with this electro-tinged, arena-ready track. Immediately provides an incentive to jump on into the album, which I must do soon.

MP3: Tyondai Braxton - Uffe's Woodshop
Taken from the new album 'Central Market' - BUY

> Expect the unexpected from the solo offering of Battles' schizoid frontman and chief effects guru? Suprisingly not, actually, as this track recalls parts of their 'Mirrored' offering, not least the jarringly offbeat (yet catchy) brilliance of 'Atlas'. With an album of that eccentric, adventurous quality, however, it's no bad thing.

MP3; Built to Spill - Hindsight
Taken from the new album 'There Is No Enemy' - BUY

> After a mostly underwhelming performance at this year's Siren festival in Coney Island, my anticipation for the new BTS album had waned somewhat. That has swung right back around, however, upon hearing this effortlessly superb slice of delicate indie-rock. The lilting vocals are ever-present, laying a soft dew over the winding guitar passages and optimistic compositions of their musical landscape. In short, recommended.

MP3: Port O'Brien - My Will Is Good
Taken from the new album 'Threadbare' - BUY

> A ponderous Californian acoustic trio, Port O'Brien come M. Ward approved, in case you needed more than the common man's recommendation. This track is an introspective and quiet affair, relatively simple in structure and quite beautifully layered as the arrangements wash over one another, underpinned by a tight rhythm section. The album as a whole is certainly one for those reflective nights in with the lights dimmed and tipple of choice in hand. Prefer lager and a loud live band more often, personally, but we all need to get in touch with our inner self at some point, n'est ce pas? I'm sure Oprah says so, anyhow.

MP3: Volcano Choir - Island, IS
Taken from the new album 'Unmap' - BUY

> The new offering from Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has been covered here before but with the album now released and available, it doesn't hurt to point out this slightly more upbeat (offbeat?) offering.

Try before you buy, always a healthy option. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be back on track with the wrap up of CMJ, otherwise I'll never get to tell the world how superb performances from We Are Country Mice, The Minutes, Super Extra Bonus Party, Surefire, and Twin Atlantic were. At least not in eccentric, rambling detail......which would, of course, be a crying shame.

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