Monday, 19 October 2009

CMJ Music Marathon 2009: Artist Spotlights

Of course, it goes without saying that part of the joy of these multi-day music shindigs is unearthing new and exciting artists by accident. With so much talent on show, however, it's important to anticipate the artists that are expected to be highlights to ensure nothing gets missed. Stay tuned to Twitter feed for some micro-blogging goodness on anyone I stumble across...... @zidered.

With a solid schedule having built up over the past week - a good proportion of which will hopefully be caught personally and recorded for H-T-A posterity - on the eve of the event it's time to briefly run down the artists picked:


> Brooklyn indie kids with hints of the tropical and poppy synths that raise spirits. Previously....

- @ Rockwood Music Hall - LOWELL THOMPSON

> Country-tinged rock from this Burlington, VT songsmith.

7:30pm - Productshop NYC Showcase @ Glasslands - BEAT RADIO
> Lush Long Island indie-pop with nods to Postal Service. All manner of freebies available here.

8:30pm - Vanishing Point Presents @ Fontana's - AUTODRONE
> Atmospheric, experimental NYC alt-rockers with healthy doses of shoegaze.


2-7pm - Pete & J's CMJ Party@ Rockwood Music Hall - feat. PETE & J @ 5pm
> Something of a variety with a central performance by Pete & J, Brooklyn-based songwriters with sublime melodies and vocal harmonies to die for.

8pm - ABC News Amplified Party @ Public Assembly - ELECTRIC TICKLE MACHINE
> Chaotic, high energy indie-rockers with hooks that would have grown Ahab's leg back. Previously...

8:45pm - @ Bruar Falls - SETTING SUN
> Eclectic alt-folk from upstate NY, unafraid to experiment & explore.
MP3: Setting Sun - No Devil Me No More

11pm - @ Fat Baby - ABSENTSTAR
> Confident Chicago alternative rock which leans heavily on the anthemic. Previously...


- Ground Control Presents @ The Bell House - PETE & THE PIRATES
> Upbeat indie pop-rock from the commuter towns of Southern England.


- TeePee + Chronic Youth Present @ Cake Shop - NEBULA
> Fuzzed out L.A. stoner rock borne of Fu Manchu and their classic ilk.
MP3: Nebula - Heavy Psych

7pm - @ The Suffolk - AT SEA
> Heartfelt indie-rock unfraid to deliver a ballad following a wall of noise assault, courtesy of NYC songwriter Jason Brody.

8pm - Music from Ireland @ Bowery Poetry Club - THE MINUTES
> Brash garage rock from this high octane Dublin band.


- Village Voice Presents @ Knitting Factory - HEADLIGHTS

> Soothing Illinois indie with shimmering pop sensibilities
MP3: Headlights - Cherry Tulips

11pm - Paw Tracks Showcase @ Cameo Gallery - DENT MAY
> The best ukelele albums you'll hear all week. And then some.

11:30pm - Brooklyn Vegan (BBG) Showcase @ Fontana's - SALOME
> Brutal sludge/doom metal from Virginia.
MP3: Onward Destroyer


12am - @ Rockwood Music Hall - THE FUMES
> A fine line in rollicking, bluesy rock from this Ozzie duo.
MP3: The Fumes - Automobile

12:30am - Brooklyn Vegan (BBG) Showcase @ Fontana's - MISERY INDEX
> Colossal riffs will be the order of the day for these ferocious Baltimore metallers.

1am - Polyvinyl Records Showcase @ The Bell House - JAPANDROIDS
> Raw garage rock with suprisingly catchy results from this noisy Canadian two-piece. Previously...
3:15pm Deli NYC Showcase - The Delancey - WE ARE COUNTRY MICE
> Midwestern born lo-fi merchants who now call Brooklyn home, lending a contemporary twist to their more rootsy influences.

7:30pm - S.E.G. Presents @ Fontana's - SUREFIRE
> Throwback rock in the best possible sense, with a cocksure Brooklyn 'tude informing their undeniable pop melodies.

10pm - Cake Shop - TWIN ATLANTIC
> Jagged riffs and huge choruses from these rising Scottish alt-rockers. Previously...

And there are plenty of others touting various acts to catch this week. Here are some of them:

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war
(music industry folk, to you & I)

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