Thursday, 15 October 2009

Chillax Isn't A Word

We all need to rein things in from time to time. After a day of running around at work, a soothing cup of tea at home is often the perfect remedy. After a crashing wall of noise guitar assault, a passage of reflective instrumentation is usually a sound choice for purveyors of post-rock. After an afternoon spent chasing a balloon reportedly containing one's child, a moment of calm consideration as to the appropriate punishment for making shit up will serve a parent well.

And after an evening of high energy revelry at the hands of one's music of choice, a slice of blissed-out, dreamy electronica is often the perfect descent back to normality. London (via Hong Kong) duo Glide & Swerve provide just such a service. In spades.


Recalling the more easy going moments of trip hop pioneers Massive Attack (think 'Protection' era), mixed with a not inconsiderable dash of Zero 7, gets one off to a good start with their new track And I Smile. It's a delicious, lilting track with sparse effects and a bass line that is the aural equivalent of sinking into a deep, welcoming sofa after a hard days graft.

MP3: Glide & Swerve - And I Smile
Taken from new album 'Bring Back Love', out now -

A brief run through of the full length from whence it came, 'Bring Back Love', hints at a sharp mix of the restrained and rocking, all firmly planted in a bed of positive electronica and layered trip hop. No need to take our word for it, however, when you can stream the whole shebang over here at Bandcamp.

More to come on this one, surely, but for the moment this track is as good as anything I can conjure up in preparation for some late ones next week. As some cheesy cheerleaders hollered in a bad teen film not so long ago: Bring It On.

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