Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Vive la Résistance

Not that a vast majority of readers won't already be familiar with them, but the Muse wagon has been rolling into innumerable locations (both physically and promotionally) in recent weeks and the new album 'The Resistance' is intriguing enough to warrant a mention.

Initially wading in through the lead single
'Uprising', replete with Doctor Who-esque intro and a heroic resurrection of Blondie's 'Call Me' hook, a nod back to indirect influences of the past is evident. After one full spin through the album proper, this theme continues with anything from Queen to classical composers popping up in the instrumentation. Few bands could emerge from such diverse experimentation with their credibility in tact, never mind enhanced, yet first impressions are that the Devonshire trio have done just that.

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To further add to their respectability, the band recently put in an 'altered' performance......heavy on the piss take......for an Italian TV show that insisted they should mime the new single. Be amused by that here and expect a good old fashioned dissection of 'The Resistance' in the not too distant future........which likely equates to 2010 in my skewed, confused version of chronology.

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