Monday, 21 September 2009

Poetic Licence

Now safely down on English soil, the catch up on current indie-darlings started more or less immediately - save for a quick I.T. Crowd break in Gatwick Airport - with the familiar sources: reliable music rags and careful interrogation of fellow music obsessives.

Before anything too new and exciting, however, there's the not insignificant form of the old (and exciting) to consider. This in the shape of one Frank Turner. Not that old, granted, but a seasoned veteran on this particular hype machine.

On both sides of the Atlantic, Mr Turner is getting his new effort
'Poetry of the Deed' out to the people in the only way he knows how......touring, gigging, touring. Anyone having visited these pages more than a couple of times will be aware that this gent's live shows come heartily recommended, not least for their fuel the fire, state of the music world addresses. Well, on the new lead off song that will introduce many people to his music, Frank translates this attitude and energy about as well as anyone could onto the plastic.

MP3: Frank Turner - Try This At Home
Taken from the new album 'Poetry of the Deed' - out now (Epitaph / USA)

Buy it at Insound!

A short, sharp slap of a track, it channels his pure punk roots and distills them through drunken Irish folk-fight music. Challenging one to pick up a guitar and do better, it achieves the opposite effect and creates an urge to sit down for a proper listen of the full album. Given that it's out there in the world, waiting to be picked up, that will be occurring shortly. In the meantime, this fesity tune is a suitably tasty amuse-bouche.

"Let’s stop waiting around for someone to patronize us.
Let’s hammer out a sound that speaks of where we’ve been."

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