Thursday, 17 September 2009

Oh Shhhhhhhhhh.........what?

Tomorrow afternoon, I board a plane bound for the fair isles of the United Kingdom. Though this means grey skies and incessant rain, it also means a proper pint and fish 'n chips. Swings, roundabouts, and all that jaaaaazzz.

Musically, it means I'll likely catch up on a bunch of great British stuff I've missed, so it seems like a sensible idea to focus on some NYC tunes before I shoot off. Enter The Gay Blades.


The Gay Blades - O Shot
Taken from 'Ghosts', out now

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Having been introduced to the duo's self-designated 'trash pop' - think catchy, low down rock 'n roll with a healthy punk attitude fusing it all together - by mates either side of the Atlantic, the band is one that proved difficult to ignore. Not that there's any good reason to ignore them in the first place. Any band that summons the ghost of McClusky, lectures it about its lack of pop acumen, then sends it packing with a confident Yankee whoop & holler is well deserving of further attention.

Their 2008 release,
'Ghosts', provides many a high point, not least in the spunky song titles ('Bob Dylan's 115th Nightmare', 'Robots Can Fuck Your Shit Up'). The real draw is the pure spirit of rock that courses through the veins of each song, propelling them onwards with high energy and choruses that can't be shaken loose. Take the insistent riff and vocal swagger of O Shot as your proof. It'll drive you crazy, in the best possible way.

Catch the band across the USA on their upcoming tour, many with the equally off-the-wall but less musically engaging Electric Six. As for me, I'm off the other stop, old Blighty.

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