Sunday, 27 September 2009

In The Jungle, The Scouser Jungle....

A whistle-stop tour of North West England late this week took in Liverpool as the first port of call on Thursday. Had scheduling been just a few hours better, it would have afforded the time to catch the local band Bagheera playing elsewhere in the city. Despite this near miss, it's my pleasure to shoot some attention their way for the sublime music they create on

Already standing apart from their peers by peddling neither Beatles-worshipping DullPop nor third rate metal, Bagheera nestle much more neatly into the lush sound of current indie darlings Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, or even a blissed out Yeasayer. This translates to painstakingly arranged melodies, subtle intrumentation, and floating, ethereal vocals. It's all deeply beautiful and feels not unlike looking out over a dew-tipped meadow towards town, as day breaks and the world slowly stirs to life.

MP3: Bagheera - Horizons Lined With Scars
MP3: Bagheera - Old Machine
Taken from the Hollow Home EP, which costs nothing when you ask nicely

Currently students at the University of Liverpool and relatively new to the live circuit, the band has only just begun to prowl the strange musical jungle of the city. With the right crowds and gigs, they certainly have the qualities of song required to turn heads even at this early stage. Their freely available 'Hollow Home EP' provides an ideal starting point for the curious and is certainly recommended to fans of the aforementioned artists (scene?), or more simply anyone with a penchant for delicate, shimmering music.

Bagheera will be playing out around Liverpool - and York, definitely maybe - to close out the year, so be sure to keep an ear out if you're one of those Scousers with tastes beyond banging heads (be that to thudding dance bass or chugging guitars).

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