Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Starred & Feathered

At much the same time as Brooklyn's beloved Animal Collective were garnering headlines across the borough and beyond last month, thanks in no small part to a sell out weekend in Prospect Park, Dinosaur Feathers were sneaking out their own 'Early Morning Risers EP'. For free, by the way.

A swirling carnival of tropical synths and lilting vocals, this is certainly one of the more worthwhile bargains granted through the increasingly benevolent musical corridors of the internet. Hinting at only the brightest of futures, the band manages to fuse the joy and experimental approach of their Brooklyn brethren to a sun-drenched, upbeat sound with calypso edges. Check out the EP's laconic eponymous track for all the proof required.

MP3: Dinosaur Feathers - Early Morning Risers

Taken from the EP of the same name.....get the whole thing here

Dinosaur Feathers offer one last glance back at the humid summer, before we pull on the hoody and trot off in acceptance of autumn. If you're in need of some extension to your Labor Day shenanigans, catch the band at Danger Danger Gallery in Philly tomorrow night or Greenpoint's Coco 66 on Thursday 10th Sept. They'll then be local in NYC during October and - if we're all very good - releasing a full length in the not too distant future. Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes fixed firmly on the beach.

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