Saturday, 15 August 2009


Been H-T-A absent too long for plenty of reasons, but rather than waffle about them it seems more appropriate to kick start the whole shebang again with a couple of tracks.

Yeasayer's great live performance on Jools Holland is up after the band charmed a diverse bunch of people, myself included, this past Thursday at Pier 54 on the West side of Manhattan. It literally is a long, narrow pier and one of the stranger places I've seen a band to date. Lovely view, however, and the band's glowing globes onstage only made the visual aspect more appealing, as they started the show right around sundown. Only got to see 4 songs before hiking off for a show on the Lower East Side, but if I get a chance to see these guys inside any time soon then I'll be taking it.

Chemical Brothers get up here simply because this tune never fails to get me going for whatever a day brings. As I'll be getting up at 4am on Sunday to run the half marathon (donations still gratefully received here!) and a distance I've never actually achieved, I find it a requirement to post the song as a good luck charm!

MP3: The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
Taken from the album 'Push the Button'

Much more coming this local, national, and international, live stuff, the usual random babble.....CTRL+ALT+DEL, indeed.

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