Thursday, 20 August 2009

It's Not Quite a Jagjaguwar

Long time readers of the hot air generated herein will know that I favour record labels that happily dole out free MP3's of their exciting new tunes, trusting fans to give back to the artists to whom they are drawn. For this reason and so many more, I very much favour Jagjaguwar.

Having released the widely adored debut of Bon Iver - and now riding the acclaim that comes with it - it would be easy for them to want to lock the masters for Justin Vernon's new project, Volcano Choir, deep in a Bloomington vault guarded by ninjas.....big, bearded, indie ninjas. Check out their latest download section, however, and the new track Island, IS sits unashamedly alongside other current label wonders, including H-T-A faves Sunset Rundown and Dinosaur Jr. In my deepest Aussie brogue: Good on ya, fellas.

MP3: Volcano Choir - Island, IS
Taken from the forthcoming album Unmap

So the track itself is a very light, warm sounding effort, not entirely removed from the style of Bon Iver but feeling much less introspective. It rides on a gentle tide of quiet electronica and simple bass hums, with Vernon's unmistakable croon adding a whole bowlful of cherries to the top. It bodes well for the forthcoming album, which is intriguingly titled Unmap.

MP3: Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart
Taken from the new album

MP3: Dinosaur Jr. - I Want You To Know
Taken from the new album Farm

Add to that a cut from Sunset Rubdown's new Dragonslayer album and another from Farm by Dinosaur Jr. and you have an outstanding start to your weekend listening - gratis. Do yourself a favour and dig around the website for some of the less established artists too......let's face it, these guys have some particularly sharp ears in that Indiana base of theirs. 

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