Monday, 27 July 2009

They're Grrrrrrrreat

With this past weekend being hotter than a summer trip to the lair of the big red fella downstairs, the British aversion to humidity hit and effectively rendered me useless. Other than finding time for a 5 mile run, my productivity was limited to revisiting my Mighty Boosh DVD's and pissing myself laughing ("Science teachers and the mentally ill, that's all jazz is for"), on the odd occasion.

Before all this abominable lethargy hit, however, I was able to catch a barn storming live set on Friday from nascent Brooklyn electro-rockers Great Tiger. A dynamic duo wielding only a guitar and 'the box', they fuse a Daft Punk sense of electro-melody to a powerful barrage of serrated riffs for several minutes, then take a step back to proudly admire the sonic destruction wrought. Coming on with the high energy DJ antics of The Chemical Brothers but keeping proceedings firmly anchored to rock showmanship at the same time, the momentum they build in a small but enthusiastic crowd is quite overwhelming.

Unfortunately their lack of many months together also equals a lack of much recorded material, with the Myspace stream of Last Night being about the most slick of their current offerings. Elsewhere, the Workshop demo hints at the more riotous nature brought about in a live setting.

All of which means that it would be best to catch the next dose of supercharged electronica at The Annex in New York on August 31st, for it is then the Tiger roars again. If you're in both the city and a party mood, I can vouch for an electrifying spectacle.

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