Thursday, 23 July 2009

Run to the Hills

Strictly speaking, this is nothing to do with music but, as with swine flu not so long ago, I can generally twist most things around to the subject with some convoluted logic and a few song titles. Onward.

So my wonderful lady and I are running the NYC half marathon on Sunday August 15th, which comprises 13.1 miles around the beautiful surroundings of Central Park and then out into the urban insanity that is lower Manhattan (at which point, I am reliably informed, Welcome to the Jungle blares out to power one on.....quality). We're been training for over 2 months now and are up to 8 miles, so the stamina is slowly building to the required level. Now, however, comes the really hard part.......

......we need to raise $2000 between us! The fund raising site has just gone up here so that we can begin collecting generous donations towards fighting child asthma in Kenya.

There are more details on the site but, suffice it to say, this is a really great cause and World Lung Foundation, for whom Jen works, does an excellent job for lung-related disease across the globe. Any amount that readers of this humble blog can offer would be extremely gratefully received and, of course, thoroughly praised in these here pages after the event.

Bizarrely, very little music has been employed during our training, as we're generally finding talking to each other more useful in spurring on our wearied legs. Nonetheless, iTunes search facility shows me there are many 'run' songs, so let's get this back to the tuneage to close out:

MP3: 65DaysofStatic - Aren't We All Running?
Taken from 'The Fall of Math'

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MP3: Cut Copy - Midnight Runner
Taken from 'In Ghost Colours'

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MP3: Aereogramme - The Running Man
Taken from 'My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go'

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MP3: Animal Collective - No More Runnin'
Taken from 'Merriweather Post Pavilion'

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Zach said...

Good luck on the 15th bro!!!

zidered said...

Cheers mate. Hopefully legs won't give out until mile 13!