Tuesday, 28 July 2009

LIVE REVIEW: Frightened Rabbit @ Siren Music Fest, Coney Island NY - 7/18/09

Continuing the round up of Siren, whilst we're still in the same month, one of the bands I harped on about most in the lead up to the fest was Frightened Rabbit.

The Scottish quartet hit the stage not too long after
Japandroids yet promised quite a different spectacle, with their music more befitting a grey, rained out Glastonbury mud-fest than a bright and bouncy beach location. Nonetheless, they donned thick shades, factor 1 million sun cream, and took to the stage to give it their best shot. As it turns out, their best shot wasn't far from the best aim of the day.

MP3 (via Insound): Frightened Rabbit - Old Old Fashioned (Live)
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'Liver! Lung! FR!'

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Starting off with a few level issues, Scott Hutchison's thick accent is buried somewhere under the heavy drum mix and the haunting effect of opener The Modern Leper is drastically reduced. A few songs in, though, the sound lad has obviously returned from sampling those fine Nathan's hot dogs over on the boardwalk and fixes things in time for an excellent Good Arms vs Bad Arms. Indeed, all the cuts from 08's intricate, darkly beautiful The Midnight Organ Fight that follow sound much larger and more imposing with the increased power to Scott's vocal. Meanwhile, keyboardist Andy Monaghan is described as "still steamin' from last night" (i.e. hangin' over, non-English English speakers) but shows little of the effects as he switches effortlessly to guitar and sports the cheapest pair of sunnies ever exported from Manila.

Set highlights include a rousing run-through of Old Old Fashioned and the absolutely huge Heads Roll Off, which manages to feel upbeat and melancholy all in one breath and note. Leaving in as understated a manner as they arrived, it's clear that this is a band that only ever needs to let their music do the talking. And when it's so eloquently spoken, who's to argue with such an approach?

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Zach said...

i heard that David Byrne or somebody like that was playing for free at this show? Was that me being totally misinformed or was there somebody big that played live at coney island a little bit ago.

zidered said...

Not here but he did open the free shows at Prospect Park early in June. Sounded like a good set but all I could see was people and a lot of foliage, so the live spectacle was somewhat lost for me.