Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Unsigned Uncovered: The Turn

A return to supporting the up and comers tonight, with a nod to Long Island rock duo The Turn.

I first watched these lads 'Rock the Turn' - a phrase that quickly becomes the band tag line, after you visit their various online resources - at the NYC Aids Walk a few weeks back. My review of that event was lost in a melee of holiday weekend and failed camera-phone pictures, but it wouldn't be right to let the vitality that they put into their set, to engage thousands of charity walkers on a chilly spring day, fade into the ether without a mention. The performance included covers of Jacko's Billie Jean and John Mayer's Waiting On The World To Change, alongside their own more than worthy material, highlights of which were Christiana and the rousing May Day. So good were they that passers-by, walkers, and even NYPD stopped by the stage to find out more and maybe even purchase a CD. Who says coppers only spend their hard-earned in Dunkin' Donuts, eh?

The Turn take a relatively simple rock formula, accessible songs with big hooks and a memorable chorus, and revitalize it with a depth of sincerity and infectious energy that is hard to nail down. Songs like the aforementioned May Day and Silhouettes wouldn't sound out of place on popular radio but they avoid any clichéd nonsense that can sometimes be the downfall of such music, focusing instead on charging the songs with passion and tight musicianship.

The band has new EP 'The December Sessions' easily accessible on iTunes, which comes well recommended by these here pages. Touring extensively around New York and Jersey (I'll be catching them again at a Best Buy in-store this week), whether as a tight acoustic duo or the full band - something I am yet to experience - these guys are doing it the old-fashioned way by playing where they can meet new people and expose these golden tunes to those that simply don't yet know they are fans. An understandable oversight but one that is almost certainly rectified once said strangers have rocked the Turn.

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