Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Universal

In a week chock full of reuniting acts playing out again (Faith No More, Jane's Addiction.........some others....just run with the theme, eh?), it would be epic failure to overlook Blur's return across the pond.

MP3: Blur - She's So High
Taken from 'Midlife' - Available in UK / Preorder for 7/28/09 US

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The band went back to where it all began over 20 years ago, for a tiny, ultra secret gig at the overwhelmingly inconspicuous East Anglia Railway Museum. Placing only behind CBGB's and The Cavern as a venue of supreme renown, it's undoubtedly only a matter of time before Bono wangles himself the next gig there. The videos below document some of the night and really speak for themselves. The quality of the songs is indisputable a decade on and, more importantly, the vitality of the band in playing them again is evident.

Parklife - Live at EARM, June 2009

Charmless Man- Live at EARM, June 2009

Song 2 - Live at EARM, June 2009

Blur play mostly sold out shows in the UK towards the end of June, although a few lucky folk in Manchester can still grab tickets for their MEN Arena show here. I know peeps going to this and I'm sure to hear what I've missed, so let's announce some US dates eh lads? Attaboys.

"Well it looks like we might have made it.....made it to the end"

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