Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hot From The Forge

A strange thing happened on the commute this morning. One second I was contentedly listening to standard indie and rock staples on shuffle.....Queens of the Stone Age, TV on the Radio, No Age, nothing too outlandish.....when I was suddenly thrown back over a decade, overtaken by the urge to belt out Fear Factory's 1995 classic, Demanufacture, at a subway car bothering volume.

So I did.

In the grand scheme of my listening over the years, this isn't anything out of the ordinary. Set against recent years, however, metal has generally taken a back seat to less extreme forms of rock and other diverse genres. Sure,
Mastodon, Tool, and the post-metal staples like Isis and Neurosis have remained constant, but the older stuff and more extreme new bands have received comparatively short shrift. On occasion, however, and days such as today, the aggression and pure adrenaline of a hard, serrated guitar riff and pounding double-kick drum rise from the ashened memory banks like a phoenix.......although that brings us right back to indie-pop, as the new Phoenix jam is an absolute summer gem......I digress.

Video - Fear Factory - Scumgrief (Live at Donington '96 - proudly, my first gig)

So the video marks my reminder to keep returning from whence my musical passion arose, the murky waters of 90's heavy music, before all the 'nu' things occurred. The MP3 comes from Montana natives Martriden, whose brutal 4 track EP provided another such reminder a year or so ago.

Great things will come and go in the world of indie rock mp3's, but my dinged up metal discs will still be there if and when the hard drive of my contemporary listening crashes. \m/ indeed.

MP3: Martriden - The Art of Death Infernal
Taken from the s/t EP - Buy

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Zach said...

I definitely remember and miss my metal head days. I used to be HUGELY into Metallica, and still can get into it, or any good metal if the mood strikes my fancy though I do not really delve into that world that often. Probably because I know that I won't be making that kind of music or something along those lines so I shy away from diving into the heavy world of head banging...even though it still rocks.