Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Breaking States

A musical pincer movement has been executed on me in recent days, by none other than the familiar raging rock rave that is St Albans' Enter Shikari.

On Monday, through the joys of the indecisive and half-waking subway shuffle, up popped
Sorry, You're Not A Winner. Like injecting multiple quadruple espressos into a main vein - the concept of which Mondays generally make altogether more appealing than it should be - the adrenaline shot was completed before the song's cheeky handclaps had kicked in. Along with Chemical Bros' Galvanize, this tune tops the list of sonic wake up calls.

Not in any way unique, granted, but then the reports of a riotous Glastonbury performance, furious political outbursts, and a handily placed date at NYC's Gramercy Theatre this Thursday filtered into my news lines.

Having recently released new album 'Common Dreads' in the UK, the band have stealthily maneuvered under my radar and socked me with a quick one-two, resulting in a pretty strong sense of intrigue as to where their musical journey has taken them this time around. And, in an age when everything in music business changes by the day, the reassuringly familiar question:
"Can this blowing-up Brit band break the US market?". A couple of days before Independence Day, this could be a fun experiment.

MP3: Enter Shikari - Sorry, You're Not a Winner
Taken from 'Take to the Skies'

Official Site

Buy it at Insound!

Anyhow, seeing as I've only begun to scratch the surface of the new album (check the video....it got be frantic), the nod has to be backwards for the moment, to their 2007 debut
'Take to the Skies'. Though not entirely consistent, the big tunes that they do have - Anything Can Happen In the Next Half Hour, Enter Shikari, Return to Energizer, and the above - absolutely ravage any criticisms. One can only imagine how these raise the bar live.....at least until the opportunity arises to see them before they, hopefully, kick up a storm here too.

If they continue the cunning assault on my senses of the last few days, it may only be a short while before they win the war and I'm seeing them live/buying the new album/selling them my soul. Once you let them in, it appears you can't get them out. There are worse things that could happen (in the next half hour).

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Amy-Dee said...

Hey guys

Here's a link from our website Radio Magnetic (an internet radio station based in Glasgow) where you can access an article about a preview for The Edge Festival in Edinburgh later this month, at which Enter Shikari are performing! From this link you can download the MP3 audio file and also subscribe to the podcast RSS feed:


There will be more info and audio downloads of Enter Shikari at The Edge available soon, so keep checking back!

Eileen said...

Have you heard Enter Shikari's new single 'Destablise' yet? If not, you can check it out here: http://atthesinema.co.uk/?p=2701

zidered said...

Thanks Eileen, I hadn't caught that yet. Great site, I'll be sure to point people there :)