Sunday, 10 May 2009

Youth Gone Wild

What with a spate of reviews and catch ups recently, somehow the new Sonic Youth track has received no love on these here pages. Time to reconcile that sharpish now that we're within spitting distance - metaphorically speaking, of course - of the new release 'The Eternal', due out 9th June.

Although a ton of weird and wonderful 'art' performances go down in the "City That Never Sleeps" (walk around deepest downtown Manhattan late Tuesday night and tell me that), it feels like not many happen without Thurston Moore being involved. From art installations to soundtracking the careers of choreographers atop space age scaffolding, this fella has his fingers thoroughly wedged in pies across the boroughs.

The lead tune from the album - and also the opening track - is Sacred Trickster. It feels like vintage Sonic Youth, with a driving, fuzzed out riff and Kim Gordon's urgent vocal echoing out over the melee. It bodes well for the full length, which can be streamed from their new label Matador when one pre-orders the full shebang. In fact, in general the buzz and build preamble to this record feels much more fervent than for other recent Youth releases. Perhaps this is down to the band being free from Geffen and working again with an independent? Or perhaps all these cerebral arty efforts have simply given them a need to take things back to supreme alt-rock basics in their 'day job'. Oh for such a day job.

The band plays No Fun Fest in Brooklyn this coming weekend, at Music Hall of Williamsburg on 16th May. A brief trip to Europe follows but unfortunately includes no UK dates, although many may be out in Spain lapping up the sunshine that will have by then vacated old Blighty. Those to whom that applies could potentially nip up to beautiful Barca for the Primavera Sound festival. Although knowing the kind of Brits that hit the Spanish coasts at this time of year, the crossover to classic US alternative rock acts is likely infinitesimally small.

Football hooligans rocking out to
Teen Age Riot? With that nightmare scenario wrestling my grip on reality, I shall bid all bon nuit.

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MP3: Sonic Youth - Sacred Trickster
Taken from forthcoming album 'The Eternal', out 6/9/09 - Pre order here

Sonic Youth - Kool Thing
Taken from
'Goo' - Buy

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"It's time to go round,
A one man showdown,
Teach us how to fail."

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