Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Unsigned Uncovered: Connecting Flight

The four UU (not as catchy as I'd have hoped) features to date have all covered recently stumbled upon US artists. All well and good, as these were some fine offerings.

To shake things up a bit, though, I decided to venture all the way home to Liverpool to check in with a cracking UK band I first laid ears upon in 2007,
Connecting Flight.

First things first, when a band lists At the Drive-In, Refused, and Massive Attack in their influences, it's probable I'll come over more hot and flustered than a Catholic bishop attending a primary school sports day. That said, influences can also be notoriously misleading and are often to be taken with a pinch of salt.

As it turns out, you can certainly hear elements of their record collection in Connecting Flight's material. Still shy of a full album, they've released two singles up to this point, with We Are Artists coming out a couple of years back and the fresh, fancy Fix - unintended alliteration.....it's a keeper though - having just been delivered this past March. Tunes from both of these - plus the energetic demo song RegroupRewind that first brought the band to my attention - maintain a consistently good blend of angular post-hardcore and alt-rock leanings. The vocals are raw and can occasionally verge on the strained, yet at those times they add to the frantic sound in a way they once did for bands such as Drive Like Jehu or Hüsker Dü, rather than detracting at all. Underneath, the rhythm section keeps a tight, rapid-fire beat whilst the guitar work moves between melodic stints and jagged, feedback-laden riffs.

We Are Artists

Video - Connecting Flight - We Are Artists

The number of quality songs on offer gives rise to the question of when they will all be herded up into one shiny piece of plastic and let loose upon the unsuspecting public. Well, the band has been working with producer Chris Sheldon - who has also worked with Biffy Clyro and *gasp* Foo Fighters - and should ostensibly have something ready later this year. Having toured heavily in North West England the last few years, hopefully they can begin to spread the good word a little further around the country. Then Europe, then the world....mwa ha HA....well, one step at a time but at least the latter would mean I could catch them in an NYC dive somewhere.

Until that time, I recommend Fix, We Are Artists, or RegroupRewind as tunes with which to wet your toes. Following that, you can catch them live on the following UK dates this summer:

May 18th - Liverpool - Barfly w/ My Vitriol
June 5th - Leicester - The Shed
June 14th - Liverpool - Cavern Club
July 26th - London - The Gaff Club

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Zach said...

you flew all the way to the UK to see this band? Wow. They must be worth it.

zidered said...

Nah, I actually lived there for the last 4 years before moving to US late last year.

I got wind of Connecting Flight when I lived in Liverpool, where they're from......one day I'll be rich enough to fly back for a gig though.....maybe.....not.