Thursday, 28 May 2009

Road to Nowhere

Time and tide are supposed to wait for no man and the road to hell is apparently paved with good intentions. Well, in the time it took me to travel the road back and forth to Cleveland, via rural Pennsylvania, this past holiday weekend, I had intended to find time between tides to post about some of the tunes soundtracking the road trip. Which, if any, of my destinations qualifies as hellacious is open to interpretation.

MP3: Aesop Rock - Getaway Car
Taken from
'None Shall Pass'

Buy it at Insound!

So a combination of missed opportunities and lacking internet roaming service led to this extended break, abruptly halting a pretty good run. Normal service, as I am defining said run, will be resumed over the weekend now that routine is back in full swing. In the meantime, here's some of my road programming to divert attention from the yawning gap just created.

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Zach said...

When I saw that live during game two...that was the coolest sports moment I have ever seen btw...