Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Pick n Mix

Time to catch up on some deserving efforts, on which I've been procrastinating for a couple of weeks now. Here's an assorted bag of musical sweets for your no-so-guilty consumption......

- 'Invaders Must Die' surfaced from The Prodigy a couple of months back and was generally overlooked, presumably as a relic of a forgotten electronic past. Well, bands like Late of the Pier and Hadouken! have been making a decent name for themselves playing sprawling electronica with aggressive beats, so if lead track Omen is anything to go by then these once pioneers should be welcomed back with open arms. A pulsating, driving track based on jagged beats that should come with a safety warning, it's a return to something like the form that made their mid to late nineties stuff so essential and influential. File under "Pay Closer Attention".

Official Site

MP3: The Prodigy - Omen (courtesy of Insound)

Taken from 'Invaders Must Die'

Buy it at Insound!

- Photons is an 8-piece band hailing from the gorgeous city of San Francisco. This being the location of my first visit to these United States as a kid, I have had extremely fond memories of the city ever since. Well, now I have another reason to like it, as Photons deliver a shimmering slice of indie-pop on their recent single Where Were You Last Night. Combining the loose, railing instrumentation of Arcade Fire with the fun time approach of more recent Modest Mouse, these lads and lasses from the Bay Area combine to make what I assume will prove to be a wonderful summer ditty. The assumption is due to the torrential rain that is currently assaulting my window and ushering all thoughts of pleasant summer days from my contemplations.

Official Site / Myspace

MP3: Photons - Where Were You Last Night

Taken from the 'Glory! EP', out May 12th

Buy it at Insound!

- Another single track that has been making my play button finger itchy comes from Chicago's Absentstar. The song is called (Don't You Think) We Owe It To Ourselves and delivers an extremely polished, memorable slice of alternative , melodic rock. The rousing chorus, coupled with the subtley layered instrumentation, walks the narrow line between mainstream rock radio fare and the introspection of bands like Interpol and Travis and successfully avoids tumbling into either the generic tedium of the former or the sometimes depressing undertones of the latter. Overall this bodes well for the band and their recently completed album 'Where We Begin', due this July. Touring plans are in the works right now for both US and UK locales, so have a listen and keep your eyes peeled for these guys rolling through your corner of the planet.

Official Site / Myspace

And finally, some picks from the news relating to H-T-A friendly bands:

- The Gaslight Anthem is prepping a new album, in addition to an expected solo outing from singer Brian Fallon. Read his full chatter on the subject here.

- Mastodon's Brann Dailor has confirmed that a full film for 'Crack the Skye' would not be as unlikely as it sounds. More details here.

- Baroness is another band getting busy in the studio, with an autumn Relapse release a distinct possibility for the follow up to the frankly mind blowing 2007 'Red Album'. Keep a close eye on this one as it could rival the giants above if all goes well.

So that's a good portion of catching up completed. Normal service, whatever that consists of, will be resumed shortly.

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