Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Rust In Peace

I posted a couple of months back about Doves new release, 'Kingdom of Rust', being on the horizon. Time being the winged beastie that it is, that moment has already been, gone, and left a note to say why it had to leave before you woke up. I feel used.

Tedious metaphors aside, I've only heard online streams of album cuts thus far, but it's as lovely, understated, and full of British soul as one has come to expect from
Doves. Jetstream is a fired up, floating on air (obviously) opener, whilst Winter Hill is yet another wandering, beautiful ode to what is generally considered the bleak, greying North West of England.

Much of their material touches the roots of this Manchester-bred band, walking the line between the melancholy of what can be a grim place to live and the simultaneous pride, born of hailing from an area with such history and character. Between
Doves and their brethren Elbow, a pretty wonderful soundtrack to the North exists.

With that in mind, this affords an opportunity to look back at some of the highlights of previous albums, as well as a video taster for this newie. I have fond memories of Some Cities soundtracking my initial steps towards starting life in Liverpool, so it's pleasant serendipity to have 'Kingdom of Rust' with which to (hopefully) associate some memories of NYC 2009 for future nostalgic reflection.

With any luck, this will be the release that does for these lads what
The Seldom Seen Kid achieved for Elbow. In much the same way - and possibly to a greater extent - there can be few bands in the UK that deserve it more at this point.

Doves Official Site
> Touring UK late April/early May, followed by US dates. Be sure to catch them if you can.

Video: Doves - Winter Hill (Live session for BBC Radio 2)
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