Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Old Dog vs New Tricks

Nestled amongst my latest care package from old Blighty (cheers Mum!) was the latest rocksound compilation CD. Aside from the fact that this quality mag has turned me onto more good music than any media source I can recall in the last few years and, as such, the CD is always an interesting listen, there was the added intrigue of a track from Therapy?. Nestled away at the end of the disc with little fanfare, I'm unsure if this is simply due to the fact that I'm miles away and haven't been subjected to the news of their return, or if the kids simply aren't listening to this shit any more.

That's right kids, I am not one of you. Now turn down that damn screamo band and play me some obscure 90's alternative.
I digress........

The song is called 'Clowns Galore' and to be honest it's neither form of whelming, over, under or otherwise. It starts out with a shimmering yet jagged guitar line and drives on into some sharp but unremarkable riffing. It's quite raw and has the occassional mark of well-known Therapy? - acerbic lyrics, an alternative energy etc - yet it lacks a hook or memorable riff on which to hang your hat. Fair rock song, no more and no less. Hopefully the album, 'Crooked Timber', will deliver much more than this one hints at.

Any road up, my pleasant surprise at their return is not entirely quelled, as it gives me another chance - following on from pimping the mighty Kerbdog yesterday - to recall some classic 90's alternative rock from near my own shores. The new track is below but for me the good times are in returning to original giants like 'Screamager' and 'Die Laughing'. If the newie comes anywhere near this kind of form, this isn't the last of the rambling you'll be hearing from me about these boys..........why are you frowning?

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MP3: Therapy? - Clowns Galore

MP3: Therapy? - Screamager

MP3: Therapy? - Die Laughing

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