Tuesday, 14 April 2009

In the Absence of Patience

More of a stopgap than anything else, I wanted to pen some pretext for the release of the new Isis album, 'Wavering Radiant', on April 21st (LP) and May 5th (CD). It's to the point where I'm tempted to buy a record player just for the two week advance it gives but we'll see.

Isis has been ploughing its epic post-everything furrow since the release of 'Celestial' at the start of the noughties. Since then, they've covered vast swathes of ground with releases that vary from naturally lush soundscapes ('Oceanic') to ragingly paranoid ('Panopticon'), always with a heavy edge but with varying approaches that lend each release its own character and individuality.

Live, too, they run the gamut of emotions, reeling the audience into their own world and letting the music do all the work. Visually there's usually little going on at an Isis show, in my experience, so it's testament to the quality and scope of their songs that they can still be renowned as an outstanding live act.

The new album is reportedly more orchestral than previous efforts, with more interplay between the various players and instrumentation. Added to this is the exciting involvement of Tool guitarist Adam Jones on two songs, as if more reason were needed to rush out for this one. Now, whether or not to roll back the years and get in on this world of resurgent vinyl..........?

Pre order 'Wavering Radiant' at: Blue Collar Distro (special pack) / Insound


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