Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Homeward Bound - Part I

With so much pant-moistening music to cover, I've been raking the coals for new and varied umbrellas under which to shelter a clutch of artists (does that work as a collective noun? Perhaps a 'diva' of artists would be fun....? Suggestions on a postcard.....or e-card nowadays, I suppose). One slapped me in the face this morning and hence we arrive on the shores of my native Great Britain and some music from the Motherland. If it's nothing else - and it isn't - it's alliterative.

While we're at this lark, I'm pretty sure I can cover each of the distinct territories - England, N. Ireland, Scotland, and Wales - within this remit.....which should avoid any accusations of Limey bias. For the reported 78% of Americans without a passport, this will also serve as clarification that the UK does not simply comprise big ol' London and the small villages of Scotland and Wales. Would that it were so facile.

Starting the tour in Wales, home to plenty of big rock guns in its own right, Future of the Left probably don't qualify on that score. They are an exhilarating, spiky rock band one way or another, however. Being the band that followed on from the vital (and still most adored) McLusky was never going to be an easy task but these guys are making the case with some gusto. Following on from '07 debut 'Curses!', new album 'Travels With Myself And Another' is already readied and scheduled to fall from the skies this June. If it's not premature, I'm already feeling this one considerably more than the debut. As interesting as that one was, it often lacked some of the bravado we want from a band with this legacy. The new tracks have a leering swagger and punk confidence about them........this is going to be a big one, my waters - assuming blokes have them - are informing me.

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MP3: Future of the Left - The Hope That House Built
Taken from forthcoming album 'Travels With Myself And Another'

MP3: Future of the Left - adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood
Taken from 2007 album 'Curses!' - Buy (US on disc) /

MP3: McLusky - To Hell With Good Intentions
Taken from 2001's well and truly recommended album 'McLusky Do Dallas'
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Moving swiftly through England - as most Welsh would advise you to do - we head North of the border into Scotland. The Jocks (or you can call them Scotch, they love that too....try it) are also responsible for some fantastic bands.....Aereogramme, Idlewild, Biffy Clyro all come to mind initially, as do The Proclaimers (chooooon).....and have a pretty strong contemporary track record. Adding to that list now are outstandingly monickered Glaswegians, We Were Promised Jetpacks.

The sound has a certain nod to the aforementioned Biffy Clyro but perhaps stays closer to the main road with their alternative streaked indie-rock. The distinctive Scottish brogue always adds an extra element to the vocal performance when used, which is clear and effective with these lads. The band is touring the UK during May and hitting fests like Wickerman this summer, so if you're lucky enough to be in one of the cities they're visiting, make it an extension of this here tour and go to give them some love. Me, I'm patiently waiting for an inevitable NYC showcase when someone influential champions then.

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MP3: We Were Promised Jetpacks - Ships With Holes Will Sink

So like any good British tour, you've travelled some way and should now be ready to drink in the nearest public house until you fall unconcious in your own drool. Wake up tomorrow afternoon with a pounding headache from the ale and we'll move back South of Hadrian's famed demarcation, as well as hopping over the Irish Sea for a brief spell. Don't miss the coach now.

"Come join, come join our hopeless cause,
Come join, come join our lost cause"

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