Saturday, 18 April 2009

Étrange Mélange

About 3 hours ago this was intended to be a fire-breathing review of the epic new Mastodon album. However, I've ended up simply revelling in the band's entire back catalogue and made a convoluted mess of all the thoughts that were rolling around my mind box.

So, rather than waste this gloriously schizoid session of jumbled thoughts and sideways steps, I figured I might as well run with it and post some strange mix of news, opinion, and interweb amusements. It's on:

  • Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, along with Jenny Lewis, appear to have a free show in NYC's Battery Park on the day we Brits finally managed to get shot of the Yankees (hate mail to the usual address, please). Looks like a get there really bloody early event in order to make sure it's free, but that's a pretty worthwhile line-up to do so. Details here.

  • Swedish torrent site The Pirate Bay has initially been found guilty of assisting copyright infringement in a Stockholm court. Each of the 4 founders could get a year in jail and have damages totalling $3.54m. They're pretty feisty, however, and are adamant their appeal will overturn this decision. Full story here. I don't agree with the flagrant ripping off of artists in any way, but obviously this blog's approach - as many others - is to encourage people to download, taste the music for a while, then get on in there and shoot the creative talent some dosh when you get some strong feelings about it. If I can stream it online or listen before I buy in a store, why not let me get some tune files and build a relationship with them throughout my daily grind? I'm a good boy....I love music and those who make it....I'll be back to open my wallet if it's good. I know some won't but am I hugely naive in thinking they're a minority who will rip off musicians one way or another, regardless of how many P2P's get taken out? 50 more of those will appear to replace them in the duration of that legal process anyway, so how can the majors and phonographic institutes hope to win with this approach? Is there no talent in these organisations willing to work on a new way to make money in this future of the industry that has actually arrived? How many more questions can be asked here? This needs its own post. Filed under 'backburner'.

  • The Replacements is a band of which I previously knew precisely arse and all, yet for the last 2 months they've appeared in every recommendation, magazine, and casual music conversation that I can care to recall. Obviously I've now established that they're a significantly influential 80's alternative act, though I have yet to hear any songs. Let It Be and Tim have been recommended as starting points, so I'll crack on with them next week unless anyone has their own two pennies to throw into my hat before then?

  • This blog needs some redesigning and I'm starting to think about where to take it. Again, any ideas are gratefully received. I'm a beginner in this design lark, too, so be gentle.

  • O'death has still been dominating my listening this week with no sign of relenting. If you like anything weird, psychedelic, and fast and loosely played then it's important you check them out. I'm starting to compare them to Two Gallants a little, just after they've imbibed a vat of LSD. This is strange and wonderful music, particularly suited to end such a wandering, baseless post.
  • O'death - Lowtide mp3 here.

And a propos of nothing at all:

...................transmission ends.............................

A coherent, focused Mastodon - Crack the Skye review to follow later this weekend, I promise.

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