Thursday, 16 April 2009

Best Band Named After Undies?

The Thermals
, of course.

These folks are back with a vengeance on new album 'Now We Can See'. I haven't registered their previous releases to any greater degree than a song here or there, but the mixture of firm, jagged riffing and alluring melodies on this newie is pulling me in rapidly. Imagine a more raw version of The Shins, distilled through the Modest Mouse approach to songwriting and you're on the way to figuring out where the sound is headed.

Without venturing into the overgrown and alienating territory of laborious detail.....that's what I hold reviews for.......part of the beauty of this album's subject matter is where American songwriters head now that there's actually an inspiring leader on the world stage. It's easy to write a nihilistic protest song about a political figurehead one regrets, but what happens when the same ills remain yet there's potentially hope on the horizon. Worse still, what happens if that hope stalls? 'Now We Can See' has initial undertones of covering some of this ground. I should too and perhaps this album will inspire something along these lines. Inspiration? Well I think we've come full circle for the moment...........

Disregarding all of the subject matter, check out the title track and tell me this isn't something made for the impending sunshine. We're so, SO close!

Will The Thermals be a suitable summer soundtrack? Only listening will decide.

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I Know the Pattern (courtesy of Insound)

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