Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Unsigned Uncovered: THICK AS THIEVES

I've always wanted to keep this here chiefly about music and themes somewhat off the main blog motorway and off onto the country lanes, although often there are great releases back in the limelight that fully deserve the attention. In an effort to drag things back into the thickets, though, I'll be aiming to post some form of 'Uncovered' post at least once a week. Not as an attempt to be ahead of the hipster curve but simply as an outlet for music or a topic that has slapped me in the face and demanded I pay attention at any given moment. I'm sure it intended no harm.......just ask Rihanna.

To kick off, I'm thoroughly digging songs I've stumbled across this week by unsigned Massachusetts lads Thick As Thieves. The sound is a serendipitous meeting of fuzzy alt-rock rooted in the mid 90's and more contemporary Americana. It has delicate, more introspective passages, but more often it's entirely unrestricted in whipping up the guitars and blazing out in a slightly distorted manner, recalling early ....Trail of Dead or even Dinosaur Jr., at a push. Keys also make the odd appearance, effectively backing up more accessible moments like The Octopus. To summarise, wonderfully nostalgic without being old hat.

The band has been together for a few releases now, since 2004, the newest of which is the RX ep from late last year. There's plenty to choose from on iTunes via the link below, so well worth a look and listen on MySpace for a favourite tune, followed by a swift purchase once they pull you in. If you're in New York, you can also catch the show at the Public Assembly on 20th March. Good times.



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