Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Unsigned Uncovered: The Engravers

Many bands upon which I've recently stumbled have been firmly entrenched in the contemporary hip camp, ranging from minimalist indie-folk to upbeat pop/synth electronica. Nothing wrong with that per se, but it does begin to meld into one slightly too familiar sound after the twentieth band aping MGMT. Alternatively, it does make finding something a bit different a notable pleasure. As was the case for my beleaguered ears yesterday with The Engravers.

Although far from perfect - the vocals could complement the music a little more effectively and Red perhaps strays into generic alt-rock more than is comfortable - the influences of Porcupine Tree, Coheed & Cambria, and Tool all shine through in a well weaved tapestry of sound, especially on Collapse and Shattered.

Tight, intricate guitar riffs wind over a solid and varied rhythm section, always keeping us guessing and rarely sounding too derivative of the aforementioned artists. It's not a ground-breaking sound but the progressive element, more often than not, takes The Engravers music away from the dull plod of dated radio alt-rock and into the more forward-thinking territory of bands on the periphery of the contemporary rock scene. All this coming from what appears to be a relatively young band (little info on the Myspace....letting the tunes and art speak for themselves?) makes it rather exciting to wonder where they might take the sound next. A quick mention of the art on their page too, which gives further nods to Steven Wilson's mob and adds to the allure of the music.

Very little to add to this, given the lack of upcoming concerts (something my mails will hopefully change) or their own website. So enjoy the tunes up there for the moment and I won't hesitate to post further updates if/when something interesting arises.

Engravers MySpace

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