Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Unsigned Uncovered: And The Revellers Fell

Our next installment comes back south (and home now, for me) to New York City. Far from being urban, however, I want to focus on a band whose sound recalls sun-baked Western desert states and long, lonely road trips through dust bowl, one horse towns. That band is And The Revellers Fell.

The band has only been around for a little over a year but is already making some noises that nod towards the ambiguous 'alt-country' tag. More pertinently, they remind me of songs by great artists like Screaming Trees and Magnolia Electric Co. No mean feat and some lofty company to keep, at least in my little corner of the musical universe.

Unfortunately nothing has been released officially yet, so the intricate, windin g guitar lines up on their Myspace page are the only evidence we have to go on that these guys could create something pretty special. The band has no notes on recording activity for thi s year as yet, but one can trust to hope. They're touring in the city area, so I plan to catch them in early April and get the scuttlebutt (couldn't carry off cowboy talk if I wanted to....back to the confused BritYank I'm developing, then) on more songs and a release.

Of the songs that we do have to explore, Jump My Mind is the most immediate and upbeat. The guitars retain that acoustic Western twang required to identify Ameri cana, whilst also giving an alt-rock feel which is backed up by the Bob Mould-isms that occassionally pop up in the vocals.
Moving onto my favoured Unrelenting, the tempo slows and a more sombre side of the band emerges. This one in particular feels close to the work of Jason Molina, again with the tight guitar picking weaving underneath the plaintive singing. Tight walks a neat path between the two, offering a positive message with a slow, lilting melody. Critically, the songs stay with you and leave you wanting more.

I'm sure to be writing more about these fellas and it's nice to be looking forward to something built of my own mind's hype, rather than that of the web. I just wonder how long they're going to make me wait for a full disc of this stuff?!

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