Monday, 30 March 2009

Plays of the Week

A speedy (and late) one this week, as I caught AC Newman at the Bell House in Brooklyn last night and want to get those thoughts out before my increasingly sieve-like mind evacuates the memories.

Another mixed bag, with some brand new wonderful NYC talent alongside some old standard bearers of my musical trails. It's a surprise - a very happy one, at that - to be catching up with classics when there's so much great new music to be affording attention. Credit all that extra listening time on the subway.....well worth it, even if those infernal fare hikes get through. Pah, to the tracks:

A.C. Newman - There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve - Buy

> This will be covered in the next post about the live show. It opened up the set as supremely as it opens up the album 'Get Guilty'.

The BadSpells - Explode

> These guys are relatively new to the NYC circuit and reputedly play a blazing live show. The sound is upbeat, power pop/rock with an identity all of its own. Playing Parkside Lounge next week (4/9), New York peeps.........and recently interviewed here.

Mastodon - Oblivion - Buy

> Pre-empting a full review, this album is a mind blower. Psychedelic, furious, expansive, restrained, epic.....all these adjectives and more will be spewing forth in future posts. For the moment, this track kicks off proceedings and provides a hearty one-two with the previously posted Divinations. Did I mention epic?

NIN|JA 2009 - Sampler (free download after sign up)

> Some new slices from Jane's Addiction / NIN / Streetsweeper (Boots Riley/Tom Morello), ahead of their tour later this year. Never a huge NIN fan but the Jane's tracks are mint.

Soundgarden - Pretty Noose (Video)

> This one is obviously related to my Cornell post over the weekend. Even if 'Scream' turns out to be a mess, there are more than enough gems in Chris' back catalogue to serve as a retreat.

William Elliot Whitmore - Hell or High Water - Buy

> This guy has a fantastic line in whiskey-soaked tales from desert country. Blessed with a distinctive, world weary delivery that still manages to offer a distant hope, this song and 'Old Devils' are assuring a purchase of this in the next couple of weeks.

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